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2009 年 Erke fifth consecutive selected by the World Brand Lab's 2009 annual "China 500 Most Valuable Brands", ranked 137 Erke formally joined the World Federation of Sporting Goods (WFSGI) Erke become 2009 ~ 2013 Shanghai Masters tournament ATP1000 official apparel partner Erke appeared in the "Forbes" 200 Best Asian companies list 2008 年 Erke was selected by the World Brand Laboratory preparation of the 2008 "Asian brand 500" list Erke Chinese women's weightlifting team sponsor 48kg athlete Chen Xie Xia won the Chinese Army in the Beijing Olympic Games first gold Erke fourth consecutive selected by the World Brand Laboratory exclusive release of 2008 annual "China 500 Most Valuable Brands" , ranked No. 139 2007 年 Erke propose new brand proposition "TO BE No.1" 2006 年 Erke and Korea Olympic Committee to reach a global strategic cooperation agreement Erke Group was formally established 2005 年Erke successfully listed in Singapore Erke materials technology with the "Shenzhou VI" into space, becoming the Shenzhou spacecraft is equipped with brand 2004 年 Erke became a British member of SATRA international technology centers, science and technology and R & D standard with the world's top brands synccompetitiveness of the brand's first overseas-listed Chinese sports brand Erke in November 2005 successfully listed in Singapore, became the first Chinese sports brand in the foreign market. China sports brand Erke technology in the early days to the "technology leader" as part of its development strategy, in the peer, widely joint research units, the first to introduce world-class technology and standards, establish a sound R & D centers and technology research center , the independent development of the GDS damping system, 360-degree air circulation system, ABS brakes and other sharp technology, leading the Chinese sports industry technology movement, is China's first science and technology as the leading sports brand. Chinese first brand of tennis in the continuous sponsorship 2005,2007 WTA Guangzhou International Women's Open after Erke and title sponsor of the international women's tennis tournament 2006, 2007 series, for the local tennis community to establish a good exchange of learning platform for China tennis career has played a significant role in promoting. ? technological strength of bamboo fabric Erke Bamboo Charcoal Fibre fiber is a high-tech nano materials, environmental protection, not only has the characteristics of green and healthy, but also to make clothes more light and soft, making the body more relaxed nice, seems like a delightful person nature! Charcoal Technology Series Erke cotton warm winter outdoor sports equipment using the latest technology materials a charcoal cotton, the material is environmentally friendly nature, regenerative thermal, light and thin, with a deodorant antibacterial, anti-static and UV radiation, etc.. Climate control system uses the National Aeronautics and Space Administration research project developed patented technology-PCM phase change materials, with "latent heat" in the form absorb, store and release energy, to achieve the effect of temperature, with long-term to maintain the body temperature characteristics. cool technology UV-COOL gifted with good breathability and comfort, while able to resist ultraviolet damage to the skin, in the summer outdoors, you can easily deal with, running comfortable. Qishuang Technology WIND-COOL use fiber guide channel constantly emit heat and sweat, specially designed ventilation channels and three-dimensional fabric so that air can flow in and out constantly, while wicking sweat away from the skin material, its row release in the air, make you free from the interference of heat, better performance. Antibacterial antibacterial fabric has a washable, high temperature characteristics. Can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria; eliminate moisture, high temperatures and bacteria itchy skin caused by dust, sweat and sticky feeling, long warranty skin health. Shocks arch supporting technology inspired arch arch damping shock absorbers Erke principles supporting technology, with superior external pressure equalization, internal damping function, to the greatest extent eased the heel force of the impact. internal air circulation system ERKE open-cell-like breathable mesh uppers or structure replaces the traditional crafts and materials, which can effectively help air circulation, more conducive to dissipate the heat, so that the foot more comfortable. ABS brake technology ERKE Rui Rui proprietary ABS brake technology can effectively prevent the movement of the sliding speed, so that the wearer in the game Millia feet move your feet to raise the overall combat effectiveness. Icy Technology ICE-COOL can automatically sense the wearer's physical condition and exposure to outdoor environments, will be based on body temperature, humidity and weather make the appropriate adjustments. Even in the fierce confrontation, but also allows you always feel smooth and comfortable, in order to best face the challenges. Cool Dry (C) has a humidity control and ventilation features, take away the body through the skin surface, sweat, body heat zones to improve air flow, maintain the best state of motion and comfort. HO-COOLIN (C) technology uses hi-performance CD-Type polyester fiber cross-section fiber modified into long fibers, and through the fiber guide channel for fast wicking is Erke sublimation fabric technology. GDS bold breakthrough in ground damping system damping only sole vertical concentrated conventional thinking, the use of horizontal displacement to eliminate foot suffered rebound, damping force guiding pieces will fall rapidly absorbed when the strike force, diffusion . resistant high-density independent grip system Erke exclusive use of ultra-resistant high-density combined with full rubber grip system independent, and its ultra-hard wear characteristics on the tennis court in the greatest contact with the ground, running precise batting footwork. Erke super special suspension system of the inner shock-absorbing suspension system, external equalizing effect combine to give robust support force at the feet with stunning explosive. T series - Stretch Technology Erke exclusive use of high-tech elastic material, when the movement feet off the ground, the arch outsole have a strong rebound, when strenuous exercise foot hits the ground, you can quickly and efficiently resolve the huge impact force, while optimum shock effect. Wrapping stable technology Erke wrapping stable technology, play a role in protecting the foot and provides The unparalleled stability. Erke R & D test has been tireless pursuit of product quality, from raw material sourcing to finished product delivery in every aspect, Erke are strictly followed ISO9001 international testing standards, raw materials, semi-finished products for wear resistance twists, tension and other aspects of standardization, computerized test, the test far exceeds the stringent industry standards, so that each cast Erke logo have become a product of excellence, exquisite symbol. Erke joint Belgian famous sneakers ergonomic design analysis and test system development enterprise sneakers RSscan company, jointly established Erke Biomechanics Laboratory, in-depth study of various sports, motion analysis for professional athletes, personalized design of sports shoes, Select or design characteristics suitable for individual sports sneakers. Introduction In Erke in the early days to the "technology leader" as part of its development strategy, is China's first science and technology as the leading sports brand. In the industry, a broad coalition of research units, the first to introduce world-class technology and standards, first to establish a complete product research and development center and technology research center. Is China's first official use of environmentally friendly water-based glue first sports brand, brand marketing network throughout China has more than 3,500 stores. As the world's registered brand, Erke products are sold outside of China more than 30 countries and regions. Quanzhou Light Industrial Co., Ltd. of Hong Rong in April 2003 with a registered capital of 80 million yuan, the company is located in Licheng District, Quanzhou Jiangnan High-tech electronics and information industrial park, covering about 100 acres, the company is now in the basic construction phase is expected in June 2005 formally completed, will become the base for a comprehensive sporting goods, sporting goods collection development, production and marketing in one. Erke Group currently has more than 1,800 skilled workers, highly qualified management personnel 200 people. The adoption of general manager responsibility system, the general manager is responsible to the Board, the corporate sector class is complete, scientific management processes, systems rigorous. In product development, the Group has one pair of sports goods with creation, design, research and development capabilities of the team, and mastery of advanced technology and information to develop a variety of sporting goods, now the Group to develop new products each year up to more than 1,000 species. Erke has received: "Famous Chinese Trademark", "Chinese famous brand", "National Inspection-free Product", "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands", "China Top Ten Influential Brand", "China 100 Best New products "and other honors. 2005 October Erke technology materials with the Shenzhou VI space travel, and become the Shenzhou spacecraft carrying the brand, 2006 June Erke technology products "Shenzhou" limited series of basketball shoes is China Aerospace museum , becoming the only sports brand in the national museum collections of the brand. Meanwhile, the "Shenzhou" limited series of limited edition products in the world. Erke adhering to the "down to earth, extraordinary interpretation of" business philosophy has always been based on the user's needs, the constant pursuit of quality and excellence, adhere to the "people-oriented, technological innovation" brand. 2007, the Olympic Erke launched a comprehensive marketing strategy, launch a new brand strategy: TO BE No.1, become a "global partner the Korean Olympic Committee," sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games first gold "women's weightlifting 48kg "," World Snooker China Open "," WTA tennis tournament in Guangzhou, "and so on. 2008, Erke broad coalition of internationally renowned sporting events, landing NBA, league together, and cooperation with the International Table Tennis Federation, title sponsor of the Qatar Open, German Open, French Open, to lay a solid international brand foundation. In the scientific and efficient production and management mechanism under the protection, Erke Group in 2000 passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. End of 2003, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued a "national exemption product" title, in September 2005 through the China brand committee review, was "Chinese famous brand" honorary title. Meanwhile, the Group is Fujian Famous Brand Evaluation Committee assessed as "Fujian Famous Brand", won the Fujian provincial government awarded the "Fujian Famous Brand" for the "Fujian Shoes Association unit." ; and obtaining "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", the British member of SATRA Technology Centre and other international honors. To build Erke professional sports foundation, Erke with the world's top sports research institutions to establish a domestic top biomechanics laboratory, Erke create high-quality, high-grade, high-tech professional sports brand into a strong force, becomes Chinese brands in the professional sports technology pioneer. Erke will be more positive attitude to participate in sporting events, is committed to promoting and supporting the development of sports undertakings in China, grasp the historic opportunity given to forge ahead, to establish a model of the sporting goods industry, and strive to become a leading global Erke cast of professional sports brand. Edit this paragraph corporate culture Erke Erke Group's corporate vision will be more positive attitude to participate in sports events and activities, is committed to support and promote the development of sports undertakings in China, grasp the historic opportunity given, to meet the challenges of the global market, the wind and waves, forge ahead, and constantly create new glory for the sporting goods industry to establish a model for a century to build brand in the world to strive for. Enterprise mission dedicated to professional and technical development and production of sports equipment to enhance high sports performance, promote the spread of human civilization and progress of sports. Values ​​learning, innovation, and beyond, the leading business philosophy and objectives philosophy - down to earth, goofy interpretation of extraordinary people full of passion, but more commendable is cool. Erke adhering to the "down to earth, extraordinary interpretation of" business philosophy, in the calm of passionate interpretation. Action is the chance of success and opportunities and continue to lead the transcendent truths. This calm, so that we build the brand deeper, more professional thinking. Business objectives - employees, customers, shareholders, partners, and society overall satisfaction "corporate citizenship" an important implication is that investors, consumers, employees, and society should bear the responsibility. Remember Erke bounden duty as a corporate citizen, focusing through the human, environmental and other ways to achieve the sustainable development of economic interests, and constantly committed to employees, customers, shareholders, partners, and society overall satisfaction! 2003 Charity Charity contributions of China's Fujian Province, 100,000 yuan 2005 Singapore in September Charity contributions 750,000 yuan 2006 年 8 on the country Fujian Province Quanzhou Charity contributions 2,000,000 yuan in September Singapore Charity contributions 750,000 yuan 2008 年 5 月 Erke announced to hit the people through the Red Cross Society of China donated three million yuan in cash, goods 3,000,000 yuan 11 Jinjiang month Yangzheng secondary school general meeting of the 80th anniversary celebrations. Yang Ching Middle School Alumni Erke Group President Mr. Wu Rongguang donated 1 million yuan, and the name of his father set up a "Wuhan Jie Education Development Fund" for Foster the development of secondary education and construction.lunettes ray ban pas cher Milestones 2007, proposed "TO BE No.1" brand advocates 2006 年 11 月 DPRK Olympic Committee to reach a global strategic cooperation agreement in January Erke International Women's Tennis Series title 2005 年 11 Apr Leading domestic counterparts, the first foreign market in October Erke become "Shenzhou VI" is equipped with brand 2004 年 Erke the "technology leader" as a business development strategy 2003 年 8 月passed ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Certification 2002 年 Erke invited popular Korean star Jang Nara as the brand ambassador Erke invited Jordan Chan as brand ambassador 2000 年 6 月 Erke Group formally incorporated

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Ten corporate brand credit index data ( ) , and dozens of statistics to calculate the true results presented without reporting enterprise applications , there is no assessment of selection process , companies do not need to pay any fees , unpaid service to consumers . site information provided by the CNPP not represent the views or support network buy buy buy , only for reference. Dealers , stores , shop , celebrities , news articles from "CNPP news search engine automatic classification arrange collection and display " or " by the company / dealer / customer supplied tn Femme " buy buy network does not collect any articles published and reproduced , the copyright belongs to the original site , has nothing to do with buying shopping network . buy purchase network query data is provided to consumers in the market for the best brand ( brand consumption ) is not considered certified , not the PPC, not a recognition award, not awards competitions Copyright? CNPP & Maigoo Inc. ( Ten brand data uniqueness check website ) to prohibit the unauthorized copying reproduced Ten List ( data ) Guangdong Communications Administration GD ICP 13027612 No.

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Advertising claims exaggerated lack of an effective marketing strategy a single brand strategy planning techniques lack of innovation and functional benefits is not strong Chinese brand sports shoes, please do the image of celebrity endorsements, contribute to a celebrity, raising concerns, and thus fulfilled the brand image recognition, which is understandable . However, the lack of stars and sports an intrinsic link between the brand, the brand promotion and dissemination seem weak, advertising stereotyped, without highlighting the brand's personality, exaggerated advertising claims nike shox... a clear brand identity must be deep, methodical, in order to guide the brand dissemination and promotion of the development and implementation activities, it will not contradictory and vague information conveyed to consumers, unfortunately, is the market of those "Star Shoes" There are too many blind, unintelligible brands, they preach function, keen promotion or aimless flock to sports channels, these are the lack of brand strategic planning performance. strong brands need material support, not just rely on emotional appeal and promotional push, no technological innovation, it is not beyond the competition, you can not keep the brand lasting advantage. Nike and Adidas from the outset formed a tradition of innovative products, they create exciting products that provide real functional benefits ... [] [] [] [] [] [] product line is too long lack of professionalism and leading sports brand product sponsorship lack of communication with the target group homogeneity comprehensive product line causing internal fighting optimum length and width, is the company's brand management an important issue. Domestic sports brand product variety, style very much, style similar, are sports shoes series, lack of product line width, ie specialized niche. Sports brands and sports events with the inherent linkages sports brand sponsorship of sporting events has really gone beyond the sponsor's own significance, but sports brand brand sports sponsorship also need to be established between strategic positioning and Sports convincing organic contact, and through sponsorship adequately communicate with the target group, to achieve the strategic objectives of sports brands. It started because of similar experiences and grow away, causing the entire Jinjiang footwear today homogeneity serious situation. In Anta, special steps, 361 ° led the first echelon of the enterprise, and the minds of consumers in the market has not formed a clear brand differentiation.

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